Welcome to Satya Advaya

International Foundation for Spiritual and Humanitarian Development

This is a temporary landing page which will remain active until the development of our website is complete.

SATYA ADVAYA is a volunteer-run global non-profit foundation that aims to expand spiritual community living through reinstating essential ethical principles and moral values, such as Respect, Gratitude, Integrity, Truth and Unity.


OUR MISSION is to propagate a global healthy organic lifestyle in unity with all living beings on this planet, and the preservation and protection of all forests, oceans and our natural environment in general.

OUR VISION is to create environmentally sustainable communities that thrive in the most natural way possible, through the re-introduction of humanistic ethical principles and moral values.


COMMUNITIES that operate as global caretakers, preserving the world's rainforests, natural environments, oceans and rivers, with respect for all sentient animal life as well as plant life on our beautiful planet.


COMMUNITIES that thrive because of the non-dual and unified lifestyle which embraces the divinity of our existence.

SELF-SUSTAINABLE communities that use 100% organic aquaponics and permaculture farming to ensure food safety, food security, and food availability with 0% ecological footprint and 0% watershed pollution.


Preserving and respecting nature in its entirety and promoting the biodiversity and natural cohesion between plants and animals.


JOIN US and get involved in ensuring the future for our children and the next generations.


At Satya Advaya we have several volunteering opportunities for people who would like to participate in building, and becoming part of a community.

Currently we have open positions for:

- Website Developers

- Graphics Designers

- Social Media Promotors

- Fundraising Managers

  • - Marketing Managers
  • - Translators from English to French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Russian, Dutch, Portuguese, etc.
  • - many other positions.
  • Please send us an email at info@satya-advaya.org if you would like to volunteer your skills.